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My name is Ben. I’m a digital media enthusiast.

Digital Marketer - Ben Lines

I have a keen interest in Digital Marketing. This has led me to develop a useful skillset over the years. These range from Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), to filming on location and then editing the footage, and managing Social Media accounts. For a longer, more in depth look, you can find more information in my skillset section.

My goal is to become a well-rounded digital marketeer. One that can select a number of approaches to be used take on a project that suites the product or service, and then have the ability to carry out, organise, or contribute towards the outcome. This means keeping up to date on my skillset and constantly striving to improve what I can offer.

More About Me

I am a graduate from Wolverhampton University with a 2:1 degree in Interactive Media and the Web. This involved video editing, sound editing, web design and development, graphic design, and much more. I chose this particular course because it allowed me to experience and experiment with a wide range of digital media channels, before focusing for my major project towards the end. I finally settled on creating an interactive walk-through of the solar system. This application detailed information about each planet and had interesting tips about space. The goal was to gain the interest of children and help them learn about the Universe.

Teaching English in Japan - Ben Lines

After University I went abroad to Japan to teach English as a foreign language. I was appointed to 6 separate public schools on an alternating week schedule. I planned lessons for each class depending on what grade they were. I taught classes of up to 42 pupils from 7 years old up to 14. While teaching English, the company I worked for asked me to help develop their teacher training into an online format. I assisted in the planning of these videos and filmed the head instructor present them. I then edited the footage down, and offered ideas on how they could bundle these videos into a package to give to future trainee teachers. This lead to me using my Flash knowledge to create a very rough version of the application that could be passed on to future developers to advance on.

I currently work at Maxwell Amenity as a Digital Marketing Executive. This executive position allows me the freedom to experiment with different channels within the digital media spectrum. At Maxwell Amenity I help create and maintain PPC campaigns This includes the creation of ad specific landing pages as well as making on-page SEO changes to help rank better for organic search results. I create product pages for a wide range of items that I also photograph. I produce images for the annual catalogue, edit podcasts for a number of monthly blog posts, manage the companies social media profiles, and maintain a handful of WordPress websites, making key SEO changes, producing and rearranging current content to make the site more user friendly, and created & maintained PPC campaigns for their respective site.

My main role is to create video content for the products, website, and the magazine. I have created videos for a wide range of products such as a paint linemarking machine, a waterproof clothing set, and an ATV that is used for spraying herbicides. I also film interviews and producing a final product that can be used both on site, and for use with augmented reality within a hard copy magazine. This augmented reality allows the user to place their smart phone over a trigger image, then use an app to view the video within that image, making hard copy material interactive.